A reflection on life triggered by quote on gaming.

So, I was watching Big bang theory on TV (One of the older episodes). This was the episode where Penny gets addicted to an MMORPG.

Leonard, tries to be the good guy and talk her out of it. A quote from him during the conversation went along the lines of – “People tend to compensate for their lack of success in real life by turning to online gaming and being successful in them.”. It’s hard hitting on several accounts.

It completely throws my delusion that I’ve been just playing various multiplayer strategy games for entertainment value / intellectual simulation. Sure, they’re entertaining and learning any new skill sharpens your mind, but when it goes to a disproportionate amount of time spent on computer games, it gets dangerous.

So, what amount of time counts as ‘okay’ for hobbies and entertainment in general? Till now, my attitude has been, as long as I finish work, what I do in my free time depends on what I feel like doing. There was no order or structure at all. But maybe even entertainment needs to have its boundaries. But then at what point do schedules become a nuisance? Doesn’t planning your life to the last millisecond miss the whole point of living at all?


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