The beauty of Pandora.

I’ve always thought about what makes us like a particular piece of music.

My thoughts were along the lines of this blog post that I wrote elsewhere.

“What is it about a song that makes so many people like it? Do we all look for some hidden parameters by which we judge a song? Face it, most of the lyrics don’t really inspire the same sort of Joy/Pain/Anger when we read them. So what is it about the music? Sure, the hype and the popularity of the song counts. But is it just that? Do we like a song because lots of people around us like the same song? Or maybe it’s repetition. Listen to this and tell me you didn’t like it –

Pandora seem to have created a set of excellent heuristics to judge what people might like. I’ve found myself T-Upping virtually every song that was being played before I realized I was totally missing the point of the T-Up. It’s designed to play songs that I like anyway. I just need to T-Up if I love the song and T-Down if I dislike it..


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