Football season.

So, after a LONG three months, the new season is upon us again. (Infact, I’m a bit late considering Chelsea and Arsenal have both finished their first games).

That aside, I have a FPL (Fantasy Premier League) team now. The orkut Man Utd community is running a nice little league, and although I missed the opening weekend and tried to avoid FPL completely, the fantasy bug bit me, and I just HAD to form a team.

Looking forward, time for making the bold claims and end up either looking rather like a Prophet or having these words come back and bite me.

I’ll say it, United WILL win the premier league. How you might ask? Well, to put it in a rather cliched term, A league is won over 38 games. Right now, United have the biggest squad, the most talented youngesters (Crib Arsenal fans, Crib for all you care) but not the ‘best’ first team in the EPL, with Tevez and Ronaldo leaving.

The midfield lacks that extra bit of quality, A scholes-esque player. But not many around of that sort to buy either. [Xavi is the only one I can think of].

Attack wise, Berbatov has a lot to prove, Owen has to stay injury-free, Valencia is an unknown and Nani and Andereson are incosistent. Carrick, though majestic on his day, cannot (There, I said it, see?) cut it against the more dominating midfields which leaves us with just Fletcher. Excellent player, works hard, gets stuck in well, and has developed this Scholes-esque knack of finding space and keeping the ball in the MF. Prolly the first choice CM now. And Wayne will be Wayne, I’ll make the claim that he’ll become our most important player now that Ronaldo has left and he gets to play in the ‘hole’.

Enough negativity. The positives? Best defence in the world. End of. It’ll win us the league, again.
Lesser teams will find it impossible to score against us, and judging by last season, the games against the ‘big four’ matter not. We might drop a few points here and there, but come the end of the season, we should be around the magic number of 85 points which will give us the league.

Summary: Number 19, Best in England, Champions league SF. Let the season begin.


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