Pure. Unedited. Unadulterated. simplicity.

I was never a fan of Carnatic music in general, but I’ve suddenly developed a lot of love for the music of this guy called Rajesh Vaidya.

One of the major woes that I had with Classical carnatic music was that their refusal to try new things. To stick to the same old tunes albeit with an added bit of artistic license.

But as with everything, the music today grows ever more complex, with so much editing, so many distinct instruments, so many effects, it suddenly ceased to please me any more. (Probably a temporary thing)

And suddenly I’m glad that Indian classical music has stayed the same. I was introduced to this guy called Rajesh Vaidhya, and Carnatic music suddenly has so much more appeal.

[ For more on the artist, Do a youtube search for “Rajesh Vaidhya” ]


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