Telangana. A few questions.

a) What are the population, GDP of Telangana?

b) How much budget is allocated to Telangana over the last 8 years? How much to Coastal AP? How much to Seema? I think various ratios like Rupees / Person in terms of budget are appropriate.

c) If Telangana is made to be a separate state, how much increase in funds will it get from the center? Will it increase? How are budgets decided anyway?

d) Based on c) IF there is no signficiant increase in budget, will the case for a separate state still be relevant?

e) Based on c) IF there IS a significant increase in budget, would it not be possible to get an assurance from the AP Govt. to get a sum comparable, if not matching the same amount ?

f) From a student’s perspective, what happens to the engineering colleges in Hyderabad? Not really sure how much reservation they have for Telangana already.

g) What is the investment in Hyderabad from Coastal AP / Rayalaseema? I understand this might have fluctuations, but a number will be helpful.

f) If both parties agree to some amount of shared control over Hyderabad, how are the logistics of this achieved? I mean isn’t it completely surrounded by Telangana? Businesses / Sales taxes / Smuggling because of Free transport? Will food costs in Hyderabad be lesser than that of Telangana?

g) IF Hyderabad is shared, wouldn’t there be some amount of discrimination against people of AP studying there?

Would really be wonderful if someone appeals to the logic of the thing rather than generic statements like “Telangana is underdeveloped”..


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