Okay, I just started writing now because I always seem to put off updating my blog. If I do end up trying to update, I inevitably can’t think of anything to write, so I wanted to start writing and see what comes out.

For starters, doing a lot of parallel reading.

On intelligence by Hawkins is an amazing read, it looks like it really is developing a consistent theory for neuroscience, almost too good to be true in fact. (And probably it is, because he wrote it in 2004 and nothing significant has come out after publishing this). A great book nonetheless, always good to read about neuroscience from a person who was originally a programmer 🙂

Predictably irrational is another incredible book for anyone who loves behavioral economics and the study of incentives. The book just doesn’t slow down, study after study, constantly exposing human irrationality, urging us to correct ourselves. He starts with anchor prices, and how once we decide on an anchor price, we can’t seem to get away from it, how Starbucks has had to bill themselves as a completely different product to get into the market. He then moves to what motivates us, and how companies can use social constructs instead of purely financial constructs to . How expectation can actually influence our actual perception of the event. (A drug that costs 10 cents is statistically less effective than the same drug at 2.5$). For a brief intro to the book, watch his ted talk.

Founders at work, is the third book I’m reading. Equally fascinating read, right from the horse’s mouth if you will, about experiences of startups in their early days. A bit dated, but useful nonetheless.

Linchpin by Seth Godin was one book I was really looking forward to, because I follow his blog religiously thanks to @saideep. Despite the numerous positive reviews though, I think it got repetitive after the first chapter. I gaveup halfway.

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier is a good read too. They talk about all the issues that you might encounter if you’re building a startup, and add their own twist to it, which often goes against conventional wisdom. What is amazing about this book is it’s so damn gorgeous. Everything from the cover to the typography to the images in the book. Organized as a series of small (2-3 page chapters) with amazing artwork to boot. Must read if there ever was one, for people who are interested in the startup culture.


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