Why, Google, Why?

You know, I tried, nay, forced myself to like Android. How can a developer prefer a walled garden to an open, free, wild west environment? How can a developer not like Google’s developer centric approach to the holier than thou attitude of designers at Apple?

And yet .. The output is so .. FUCKING BAD! Seriously, generate a pfx key from a .cer key, import it into the app, create a trust store and add the key to it, and then associate that trust store to a connection JUST TO MAKE A FLIPPIN’ NETWORK CALL!?

Are you really aware of how painful it is to perform such a process for developers? Don’t say Java. Blackberry handles it just fine.

Or how about this – Why build up the whole idea of XML powered UI, create a <RelativeLayout> only for it to cause so much pain when you link it to a ListView? No it’s not just me. Look at the .. you know, INTERNET

Or all the eclipse bugs that make autocomplete hang when ever I hit [dot] ? Or how about the damn emulator that is so slow on a pentium i7 dual core, with 4 gigs of ram that it lags behind me by about 5 seconds even in free type in a text field? Forget scrolling!

For all its faults, XCode really is fun to work on. Sure I miss hitting view[dot] and waiting for it to auto suggest method names, but heck, I can open the documentation in two clicks. The interface builder plain rocks for not very Gfx intensive development. I love how it completes methodnames as I type.


Credit where it’s due though, Intents plain rock.


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