Isn’t the internet supposed to be convenient ?

So it’s that time of the month again. All the bills, none of the autopay systems work. God bless Florida!

A curious note I made for myself a few months ago. Surprises me how much time it saves right now, but really, should I even be making notes to myself like this?

Click “pay my bill” dont login. Userid pass = xxx, yyy, not the usual. Doesn’t work on safari. URL =

I mean really? Each one of those sentences cost me around 20 minutes of my time the last time around.

Why should I not click login first when that seems to be the obvious thing to do?

Why force assign me a username (account number) when I have my own thing for most of these websites?

Safari: It’s not that it just doesn’t work, you have to really think about it for a while before you realize that it might be a browser issue. It just keeps randomly saying payment failed to go through, call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

So lame.


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