A bug reporting system for the real world?

I wonder how a bug reporting system for the real world will be? Basically – You take a pic of something you’re not happy with, tag it and upload it to a server. The server will then help visualizing this data on a map.

The design challenge here I think is having nearly random user-generated tags + location data and visualizing it on a map.

The other issue I can think of is with targeting devices to put it on. I want people in the developing world to use this app, so it’s no good targetting it for iPhones, Blackberries etc.

I wonder all these “Camera-phones” even provide a way for us to load apps on them. Nokia + Symbian is one. But I use an iPhone and I couldn’t for the life of me download and install a simple app on a Nokia N97 from the Nokia market.

Also, Googling for it, I just found this, which was at once both extremely cool and very annoying, you can probably guess why: http://www.ushahidi.com/


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