One week app.

So following @slavingia – Dayta’s creator, I’ve started working on an iPhone app that I plan to release in a week. What is basically does is give you a quick two second check on how traffic conditions are when you’re about to drive to work / home. This used to be a huge personal pain point for me, considering I had no clue what I was in for when I was about to start off for work. Honestly, would you rather get in the car, get stuck in a jam and then hear on the radio that you’d be in for a 30 minute jam on the interstate? I thought not. 

So here’s where I’m at right now, trying to solve that problem:

Actually, this doesn’t really feel quite like an update because I’ve started about four days ago and done quite a bit of work already.

Day 1: Figure out the screens and the flow, do a bit of UI design. Play around with GMaps API on the browser to see if I get what I want. There are only two views, Main view contains the travel times to all the points you’ve previously saved. Flip view lets you add a new location to get started.

Day 2: Started building the iPhone app. Connect to the maps API, parse the data.

Day 3 (saturday): Not much done. Woke up early (4:30 AM) and went out to shoot with my camera, so couldn’t get much done. Played around with a few more screen designs. Wondered if it would be a good idea to chuck this idea and restart.

Day 4: Decided not to chuck the idea. Some more feature adds: Can add a new location on the flip view. Validate address against the maps API and present any corrections to the user. Added GPS code to determine current location. (Saturday)

Day 5: (Today – 01/10/2011): Cleaned up the “Add address” functionality a bit. Added a table view to display all the added addresses. Squashed a few bugs. Made the UI look slightly better.

Still quite a bit to go – Have to save all the locations to disk. Integrate all the modules (GPS, Travel time web service, display, address validation). Test for all the boundary conditions, Build a proper UI out and of course, publish to the Appstore. Will be back m/


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