What gives?

Like all my bright ideas, I had this one when I was trying to get to sleep at 1AM. And once one of these strikes, you probably know what it’s like, It’s impossible to go to sleep, you keep thinking up all sorts of usecases for your product, how awesome it would be etc. The idea usually seems less exciting in the cold light of the morning, but rationality stops mattering. And some ideas do look okay even in the morning. Who’s to say? And this was one of those. I was sure I had it. I was sure noone has done it before. How could they? Or everyone and their mom would be using it right now. I imagined how beautiful it would look, how perfect the usecase would be, but then I started searching. Then came the crushing realization that someone has actually built it already. Infact quite a few people have built their versions of it. The idea itself is fairy simple. So just for the sake of completion, here it is – I wanted to create a bluetooth receiver which converts audio and puts it on a 3.5mm AUX converter. You plug it into your car’s CD player and you’re all set. Yep, that’s it. This usually saves you a heap of money on getting the manufacturer built bluetooth systems. (BMW charges something like 2.5k to get a bluetooth sync and that is NOT one of the features that you’d want to leave out). People would love it! After all, not everyone with a smartphone has a car with bluetooth sync in it. I was already working out the schematics in my head. I’ve done embedded systems programming. It’d be cake walk. Plus bread boards are generally a lot of fun to play around with. Oh and did I mention it’d be beautiful too? Imagine SquareUp only connected to your car. It was perfect. And as all perfect ideas tend to march towards their demise, this one did too.

But the underlying question is, why isn’t anyone really using these? Is it just that these devices are not marketed enough? Maybe I’m over optimistic when I estimate the number of people that use them? But what the hell, man, I thought I totally nailed it! </disappointment>


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