GoDaddy + AWS EC2 instance for Webhosting.

So here’s where I describe how to host your website on EC2 using Amazon’s Linux Micro instance (which is free for a year) and link it to a Domain name from GoDaddy.

Briefly, the process is as follows:

  • Register for an account from Amazon.
  • Launch a new Micro instance, associate it with a security group that allows SSH, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS traffic (IMPORTANT NOTE: You can’t change this after you’ve created the security policy. The only way you’d be able to dig yourself out of this hole is by creating a new instance with a different security policy with the machine image from you running instance)
  • Download public / private key pair to your PC. (Running Windows).
  • Convert the .pem file that it gives to .ppk so PuTTY can associate your SSH connection with the private key you’ve just downloaded. (PPK is the file format that PuTTy uses for private keys)
  • SSH to your instance to see if it works.
  • Register for a domain on GoDaddy
  • Create an elastic IP on AWS.
  • Associate elastic IP with your running instance on AWS.
  • Go to GoDaddy’s domain manager and edit the A-record to make it point to your AWS instance’s IP.
  • Go back to your AWS instance and use yum to install apache.
  • And that’s it, you’re good to go!

Will hopefully remember to edit this post in the near future to add extra detail. It’s 11:30pm now and I’m exhausted, so finish up writing some more code and go to sleep.


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