Here’s my Crazy idea for this week : Toys that you can talk to using your phones.

 Imagine a Teddy that can read out stories. Now imagine a Teddy that can also teach you about things around you with a helpful companion cube called the iPhone (Pad/Droid). Now imagine that Teddy also has feelings and if you pet it (in the real world) it’ll keep growing happier. And a happy Teddy will let you unlock more stories and games (in the virtual world of course). Not enough? You could also top it off with a few more things like interactive stories where the story line actually changes based on options that you pick on the iPad or the phone. You could also pepper these stories with educational content like Dora does. Still not enough? How about social aspects to the Toys, if you have two Teddies in the room, they become friends and start talking to each other? Why doesn’t this exist yet? I dunno. I’d like to make for sure.


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