“Lazy Programs” or “The AI is here, we just don’t know it!”

So, there’s a program that I wrote, a fairly simple one that reads an excel file and populates records in the database. It’s been in production since a month or so, and every monday I’d get a call saying – “Hey, btw, your app didn’t work on the weekend”. I’d get pissed off. There is nothing in the code that actually checks for a date. Or works with dates. Or anything of the sort. I’d just say “User error” and move on. 

So today (a saturday), the client is finally done with this shit and calls us up and says they expect us to fix it ASAP. Half exasperated thinking there was no way my piece of code could’ve failed, I walk into the office to take a look. And well, what do you know? It’s not running. It’s not running in the sense that it is running as a windows service. Which I restarted. But it doesn’t process the excel. It generates no logs. I’ve stopped the service and manually started the exe to see if that somehow magically makes a difference. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Useless. You get the picture

In other news, We’ve just seen the birth of the computer rights movement. You want us to work on the weekends? How inhuman of you!

Related: Charlie’s essay on how current trend in trying to create AI that resembles humans will at best end up creating flawed AIs that do the same shit as humans.


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