Lazy Sundays

Here’s all the stuff I tried to do but gave up half way. In one day.

  • Imported jQuery into my website, read a few pages on how to use it. Put that aside because I got bored.
  • Thought I’d slightly modify my page design to include a paper cut like texture into the website to separate my header / body / footer sections. Googled around for tutorials on how to do this in photoshop. Gave up after finding nothing. PS: If you have any idea how I can make one of these images, please let me know !
  • Tried to make a HDR photo with my cam. Couldn’t find auto bracketing settings. Googled a little more, stopped.
  • Created a Heroku login, initialized an empty git repo locally, but gave up on that as well.

Unproductive. Boring as hell. And all I can think of on a sunday evening is how tomorrow is monday morning. :X


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