Wearable Computing

Okay, first let me apologize for not updating the #OneDayApp post, but I was having an incredibly annoying ear pain for about the whole of the second half of last week and couldn’t do much in terms of programming. I’m almost done with it as you can see and I’ll update it as soon as I’m done.

So on to our main story: wearable computing. I finally decided to make something with the Arduino and realized that they have a great support for making it wearable. This was my thought process:

  • Hm, control lights in your room? Boring. Also too hard.
  • Maybe the TV? Meh.
  • Ooh, I know, something that’ll stream music wirelessly from my phone -> the stereo system. Output can be via a simple AUX. But that requires me to have some sort of a media server on the phone .. then write code on the MCU to discover that server, read the stream, output the stream to AUX .. feels like too much work. And there’s already stuff on the market anyway, even if it’s a little expensive.
  • NFC door unlocking – This would be a fun thing to do – Link my apartment door to a cell phone, but thanks to Apple, my 4S doesn’t have NFC and I’m not buying an Android phone for a hobby project. That’s that.
  • What can you make if you have an Arduino and a mobile phone that talk to eachother? Magic Wands and target practice? I donno. Something to think about. Imagine a portal companion cube sitting on a road. What’d be a cool thing to happen when you interact with it using a phone?
  • Wait, maybe we can make something wearable .. what can you actually wear? Shoes? Watches? Belt buckles? Goggles? Fitbit / Zeo? 
  • Shoes: Nike+ does a great job anyway, not much you can do there.
  • Watches: Maybe I can broadcast my mood somehow .. by wearing a conference tag? Nah, that doesn’t sound right. Maybe watches. Yes … watches sounds perfect. How do I broadcast my mood though? Do I tweet enough to make an automatic sentiment analyzer and possibly display the average of my last n tweets? Not really. I tweet in bursts mostly. I’m never regular. It’ll be horribly inaccurate. Maybe a software that I manually update with my mood every couple of hours or so. 
  • Sticking to watches, what else can you display? How busy you are? How about a desktop device that just sits at the corner of your desk glowing with your status? Would that be cool? Or will people frown on it? How do I measure how busy I am? Number of items in my Gmail Inbox (I archive everything that I don’t need to work on) + Number of items on my TODO list for the day? Hmm, there maybe something here. But lets think explore other options.
  • Toys that talk? We’ve been there before.

So, @reply any ideas you have on twitter. My handle is @_tejaswi


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