Follow up: Wearable electronics

So, Not quite wearable electronics, but here’s what I’m going with:

Imagine a crystal ball or a companion cube like device sitting on the road. It’ll change colors to reflect the general mood of the place that it’s in. If it’s a cube, lets say in times square, here’s how I look at it: Face one reflects the mood of the world in general. Face two reflects the mood of the United States. Face three reflects the mood of New York City. Face four reflects the mood of Times square.

Fun enough? How do you get the mood you ask? We have Twitter now!

EDIT: How about reflecting the mood about a specific topic? Or a brand instead? Does displaying this on advertisment boards add authenticity ? Do corporations have the balls to do it? 

They might be completely sucky ideas, I donno, everything sounds wonderful to my ears right now.


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