I’m amazed at Disney’s obsession with Magic. On a day when there were about twenty five thousand people in the park, I had a feel good moment about Disney about every half an hour. The best part about this is it actually creates an amazing culture even amongst the people that are visiting the park for a day.

During times when the damn MBAs figure out how much they can get away with, instead of how much they can do, having companies like Disney, Apple, and Google (Yep, I said it. Go ahead. Humor me as to why it doesn’t rank up there with Disney and Apple) – Companies where creating great experiences for their customers isn’t just a buzzword in some ad but ingrained into the core culture of the companies themselves, it’s an amazing feeling.

Here’re some companies that are just jerks to save a few dollars:

  • Chase freedom credit card: You manually have to enroll in their cash back program every three months. If not, you don’t get the cash back on your purchases. Why? Why not auto enroll? Would someone rather not have the 5% back for some reason? No. The reason is a certain percentage of people forget (arbitrarily picking 5%) and inadvertently save Chase millions every quarter.
  • [Clip] – Too tired now. Will add to this later. But think confusopolies created by mutual funds, insurance companies (health/auto etc.)

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