Google Glass Usecases (In my ideal world)

I’m not at Google IO this year, so unfortunately it looks like I can’t get my hands on one of these pieces of magic, but I’m going to speculate anyway on the things it can potentially do for you in the very near future. Of course, all of this is assuming that the hardware is usable. (Whatever that means).

  • “Google Now” – Only on glass. Or in more abstract terms, context based info from your phone onto your glasses. Pretty much every usecase they demo’ed today for Google Now applies here as well, but just to list a few: Manchester United score, I get an alert. Have to start for a Calendar appointment, I get an alert. Drive by walmart, I get my todo list app push an alert based on a geofence I setup around walmart to go get groceries.
  • Location, location, location: Imagine you can have multiple “overlays” for your glass. If you’re a tourist walking around in a new city, you get AR display of interesting places around you. You’re a bargain hunter and it’s lunch time? How about that Groupon next door ? You’re looking for Chinese food? Sure thing, let me take you there with navigation.
  • Plain old notifications: Text Message? Don’t be an idiot and use your cellphone while driving. Glass can show you your notification and reply to it using Android’s new siri (what are they calling it btw?). You could probably even set priorities for contacts. Only view texts from mom, dad and sister? Best friends?
  • Video and life logging: Storage is cheap. The cloud is here. How long before you get unlimited video backup to the cloud for x $ a month as a subscription service? You could potentially log your entire life. Sure, It might sound a little creepy now, but judging by the amount of thought people put into privacy now, I’m sure it won’t be too much of a concern 10 years from now. Also, we’ll always encrypt the cloud backup, hash our passwords and salt them. right? RIGHT? Socialcam will have an absolute field day if this glass takes off next year.
  • Moving on to stuff that’s pretty far out there: I realize speech recognition is still kinda messy. But what if you could “listen” to a conversation, pick out the gist of what two people are speaking about and display relevant info automagically on glass? As the Glass team put it, it feels like “knowing” without searching. If you look at the APIs, they do an amazing job of face recognition, albeit it’s limited to your facebook friends lists. What if you could do face recognition and add an overlay of the contact’s twitter profile next to him / her and also display tweets?

These are just the ones that I could think of off the top of my head. More? Leave a comment below.


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