A countdown timer for your life.

EDIT: Download link.

We generally follow the arrow of time forwards, counting up seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, birthdays, anniversarys etc. One problem I see with this approach is that it creates the illusion of having potentially infinite time to do what you want to do in life. Sure, we sometimes count “down” – Like how you’re only 4 years from thirty, or how it’s already September and we have only 4 months left before we hit new year again, but we don’t do this near often enough. So, I did what all geeks do and created an app to fix this. Introducing HowLong (github link). My definition of end of life is thirty. Maybe I should say end of “good” life. Yes ageist, yada yada, but it’s true. Why it’s that way is possibly another rant and not very important here. What the app basically does is to add a countdown timer and a percentage bar (mac-only) to your toolbar and starts counting your life down. After a day of using it, I can definitely attest that it’s a very weird feeling to watch your life drain away right infront of your eyes. This isn’t really usable as a standalone app for normal users yet, but I plan to make it that way soon. (All done!). Meanwhile if you’re a developer, feel free to compile / run with your own set of constants (details in the github page) and try it out !


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