Better Answers & How I Learned to Defrag My Brain

A very interesting post I came across today. Love the top comment as well. (Read the link first?)

I’ve kept a file called “ventures.rtf” since 2007. Quite simply, it has every business idea I’ve had that’s worth writing down. Every year or so I go through and delete the stupid ideas. To say this has become the most valuable document in my life is an understatement. It is my career, in a file.

I used to keep a larger, more generic “spark file” but I found it got to be too big to navigate. So I throw away more ideas now, and only write down ones that have serious merit, placing them in specific files instead of a “kitchen sink” catchall file.

I also have “possible programmers” and “possible designers” files, which I’ve kept since 2007. These are just lists of great people that I’ve found over the years, and may wish to hire at some time. I’ve initiated relationships with some of these people, knowing that one day I might want to bring them in to one of my ventures.

Finally, I have a “rules to live by” file. I’ve kept this since November 2011, so it is much younger than the rest. So far, it’s about 560 succinct adages. I work on it for 30m-1h ever day. I study life and draw conclusions, abstracting the particular instances I experienced into broader maxims. This is the most important spark file I own.

I review this file before any major decision is made. It’s sort of like a file on disk that I can load into my memory; it puts my mind in an optimal state before making a decision. It’s like putting everything I’ve learned into my brain’s electro-chemical RAM banks. The quality of personal and business decisions has increased 10000x since starting this particular file.




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