There’s something magical about the afternoon coffee. Just watching a steaming hot mug ‘o joe gets your brain working overdrive. Your mood instantly elevates. The delicious aroma of the coffee bean primes your tongue for a sip of the dark brown liquid. You take that first sip and briefly feel almost omnipotent.

You’re ready to sieze the day but there’s a nagging feeling. What if you’re missing out? What if it could be even better ? Here’s some coffee geekery. It’s the time of the year for resolutions, so why not start with drinking or brewing better coffee? I’ll leave you with an excerpt:

Good coffee is good – great even – all by itself. It’s also dirt cheap and easy to make. Therefore, don’t settle for a cup of crappy coffee: make a cup of the good stuff for yourself.

The coffee quick course

If you follow these three guidelines and do nothing more, you will enjoy coffee better than you can find in most specialty coffee shops:

  1. Buy only whole-bean coffee roasted within the last few days.

  2. Grind it fresh, just before brewing.

  3. Brew it in a French press or a pour-over filter using fresh water, off the boil.

Have a great 2013!


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