*Spoiler alert* Mockingjay (Hunger games #3). You might want to look away now if you liked the series.

Just finished the book and I have a compulsive need to rant. I remember enjoying The hunger games and Catching Fire, but all any illusion of Mockingjay being a decent read were shattered by about page twenty. The first two books had a decent premise and the only criticism I could direct at them was not doing enough with it. You’ve setup a post apocalyptic human society, organized as a dictatorship, with hunger games as a central event, and the rest of the story just devolves into the internal monologue of a 15 year old’s struggle for survival without any meaningful commentary on the society itself. Feels like wasted potential. Still, the hunger games themselves were entertaining enough, so I suppose we can let it slide. Shallow adrenaline pumping fiction can be fun.

Lets switch to Mockingjay.

First up, what the fuck is up with Katniss’ internal monologue? Was it always this annoying ? The future of humanity is at stake, and the author fills up 25% of the book about which one of Katniss’ lovers she likes better? To the extent that Katniss is deep in enemy territory trying to survive and she’s still jealous about her two not-quite-lovers talking about her behind her back?

Next, what the hell happened to the actual war? The whole thing just got relegated to “Okay, all the districts were magically captured except for District two”. The fall of Dist. 2 is mostly done as well, but we’ll dedicate a few pages to it to elevate Gale’s role from being a footsoldier to someone with actual brains / authority. Oh yeah, sidenote, how does a miner with no military background whatsoever become a genius at military tactics ? The only explanation given was: “Oh,  he used to hunt. He knows how to trap animals. Therefore same logic applies to humans”.

Next, the climax – What the hell? Katniss’ “Special Ops” squad goes in with an intent to do some filming of herself fighting easy capitol targets as propaganda material. They loose their commander in an unexpected exchange. Instead of shutting up and going back home, they decide to infiltrate the capital and kill the president himself with a unit of six (?) without any plan whatsoever because a 17 year old, brain addled girl said so ?

Okay, you’ve lead in with that. What happens next? They get partly picked off by random creatures / robots that have no business being in civilian territory. People die. They conveniently bump into an ally and chill at her home till the rebel army takes the capital.

What exactly was the point of going and assassinating the president anyway? All the districts are won, the capital is about to fall shortly. As if you haven’t had enough of the hunger games, you decide to risk your life meaninglessly and jump into danger with a half dead / mentally unstable squad? It’s as if we had to see one final hunger game in the capital itself. And this one wasn’t any good.

Hilariously enough, they fail, more people die and Katniss just gets rescued by the rebel army after they take the capital.

Too many plot holes, annoying monologues, boring predictability. Not a good read.


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