Personal APIs

How many cups of Coffee did you drink last wednesday ? Did they make you feel more / less productive? Was your sleep any better / worse? On the days you were sleeping better, how was your exercise level? If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m fan of the Quantified Self movement. I’ve religiously […]

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Social Hardwar

I would play the shit out of this game. Anyone remember hardwar, the sci-fi flight simulator game of yesteryear? I used to love this game. I only consistently played 3 PC games as a kid: Simcity / Maxis, Road rash, Hardwar. The theme of the video game incase you didn’t read the wiki article: It’s […]

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A countdown timer for your life.

EDIT: Download link. We generally follow the arrow of time forwards, counting up seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, birthdays, anniversarys etc. One problem I see with this approach is that it creates the illusion of having potentially infinite time to do what you want to do in life. Sure, we sometimes count “down” – […]

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Emotiv + Ras-pi?

Emotiv headset is a portable EEG headset that communicates your EEG activity with a PC over bluetooth. I’d like to  connect the headset to my new r-pi and make it drive a motor, to control a car or a drone. Interesting ?

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Big data and publishing / e-books

Everyone seems to be talking about ebooks and how they’ll change these days. Lightspeed ventures recently published a blog post on how tablets and kindles will change reading. It’s here. Go read it first. Here’s some excerpts of that post that are highly relavent to what we’re going to talk about: The first attempts to […]

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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Playing with three discrete, completely unrelated ideas in my head. Which one should I execute ? Only the future knows. An RSS client that uses naive bayes classifiers to filter your RSS stream and fix information overload. A subscription service that delivers new food from local restaurants to you twice a month. for India. […]

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